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A Small Pet Hospital For Fellows And Girls With Big Hearts

Needless to say, and it needs no explanation to remind all that, physiologically speaking, the human heart is so much bigger than those of small cats and dogs, to say nothing of the little budgie birds out there. And, just so no-one forgets, isn’t it nice to know that the little budgie, all stressed out having lost more than its fair share of feathers, now has a small and rather special pet hospital st paul perch to rest and recuperate on after the good doctor, otherwise known as kindhearted and specialist veterinary surgeon has done his good work.

Birds of feather they love to flock together, but the little one in the cage in the kitchen can get really stressed out during the day, even when surrounded by bighearted fellows and girls. For goodness’s sake, the small exotic bird was not originally supposed to be confined to a cage. Not for nothing do you have expression; free as a bird. And all happy pets love to spread their wings every now and then, if given half a chance.

pet hospital st paul

It usually comes their way if their pet parents are as goodhearted as the vet taking real good care of them in times of need. Physiologically speaking, little cats and dogs’ hearts are so much smaller than the human heart. But who is to say that, emotionally speaking, their hearts are so much bigger. The lengths and depths little animals go to love their masters and mistresses. If only more people would notice.

The good vet and the patron saint all those years ago certainly did. Nice to know then that there are still those who care. Care for the little ones who need every inch of TLC they deserve.