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Different Types of Horse Competitions

Riding horses is both a sport and a hobby for a lot of people. People ride horses to relax, for fun, to compete, and sometimes for money.


In horse jumping, horses jump over obstacles of all sizes and heights. One obstacle you will see in horse jumping is a horse jump. Horse jumps have horizontal wooden beams connected to two wooden sides with horse jump cups. The wooden beams can be moved to several different heights. The horse is supposed to jump over the wooden beams without hitting them or refusing to jump over them.


There are several types of horse racing. Horse racing events include chuck wagon racing, barrel racing, harness racing, and racing under saddle. The objective is to get your horse to run faster than any of the other horses. In barrel racing, the horses must run around three barrels arranged in a triangle without hitting or knocking over any of the barrels.

Rodeo Events

Most of the rodeo events include horses. Some of the horse events you may see at a rodeo include: cutting, roping, calf wrestling, bareback and saddled bronco riding. Some rodeos feature trick rider horses. These horses are trained to ride with a person doing tricks on their back.

horse jump cups


Polo is a team sport that is played on horseback. Points are scored by driving a small ball into the other team’s goal using a long wooden mallet. There are also other games that people play while mounted horseback.

Trail Rides

Trail rides are when a large group of riders get together and ride outdoors and through different terrains. Trail riding can be any length of time and any length of distance. Most of the time trail rides last more than one day and the riders and horses will stop and sleep at a camp somewhere.