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Signs You Should Take Your Puppy to the Vet

Regular vet visits keep all puppies in the best health and are important to make. However, there are many occasions that your puppy may need to go to the vet in between these visits. It is vital to know when your pup needs to be seen by a vet and get him in to see a professional quickly. When do you need to feel alarm and take your puppy to the new brighton vet?

Weight Loss/Weight Gain

new brighton vet

Most pet owners know that weight loss is a sign of trouble, but fail to realize that sudden weight gain can be a sign of trouble as well. In either situation, have your pet checked out by the vet to be safe.

Excessive Licking/Chewing/Scratching

All dogs scratch and lick, but when they do it excessively, there is likely an underlying health concern causing this to happen. This problem can lead to hot spots and other trouble for your pet. Take him to the vet to get to the culprit of the problem before it becomes a major concern.

Decrease in Activity

All pets, like humans, have days they just do not want to be as active as the next and will lie around and do very little as the result on those days. But, when it becomes a regular problem, it is a sign that your pet’s health may be compromised. It is best to let a vet examine him to find out the problem.


Any vomiting and/or diarrhea is a sign of trouble and your pet needs to be examined by a vet to find out what is going on, especially if he is a young pup. So many different culprits could cause these symptoms, including Parvo and other intestinal parasites.