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Cats Feel Pain The Most & Here Is What Is Done About It

cat anesthesia

Cats, or the feline species in general, are among the most sensitive of creatures within the animal kingdom. Their senses are a lot more acute than most other four-legged mammals. Their hearing is a lot stronger and they have the proverbial sixth sense about them. It does not take much to stress a domestic cat. Even if it is well-meaning and friendly, noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. Surrounding environments need to remain comfortable and clean.

And, of course, no amount of pampering should cease. Cats love the attention of their darling co-habitants. But even this is to be kept to a minimum, if you know your cat well. Or until such time that he demands it. The domestic cat’s palette is rather sensitive as well. This should never be confused with the cat’s perceived fussiness. Even the hungriest of cats could leave unsuitable food untouched. And let’s not ever forget just how clean they are.

No other animal spends as much time on grooming and washing as the cat does. And without its own potty to go to, just watch with fascination at how well the cat attends to its toilet in the well-perfumed garden. Taking the cat to the vet could be a challenge, given how sensitive and nervous it can get. And what if it is critically ill or injured? There is nothing that a specialist vet is not able to do for your cat. He will even do house calls, if it’s that urgent. And if an op is required, the cat will feel no pain after the specialist cat anesthesia is administered.

Take good care of your little pudding. In case you haven’t noticed, he’s watching over you too.