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Save The Horses

The equine beauty of horses touches human hearts and stirs the human imagination.

These are scenes from out of movies, or gorgeous paintings. They are scenes of nobility, freedom, and beauty. A horse gallops through a sea of green, towards sunset. A rider and horse seemingly meld into one being as they race into the horizon.

Tragically, not everyone cherishes these scenes, and the wondrous being of horses.

fort worth auction horse rescue

The neglect and abuse of horses at the hands of people-so called horse owners-makes the work of horse rescue necessary and essential.  Places like fort worth auction horse rescue go hand-in-hand with a highly concentrated horse population, where the horses are used for work and amusement.

The cruelty is real. The work of rescuers is real.

Imagine a horse who has worked hard in life. It could have been on the rodeo circuit, or a workhorse on a ranch. Now the horse is older, and unable to carry the heavy load of labor once expected of them. The horse’s owners stopped caring for it the way they should have. They even contemplated euthanasia. If a ranch didn’t exist where humane women and men would take that horse in, giving it a home for the rest of its life, that life would have ended, far too quickly, and unnecessarily.

Imagine a horse malnourished and sick, with a matted mane, and moist, teary eyes. A horse rescue organization could take that horse, and slowly, over time, with love and care, give that horse some beautiful days, and happy years.

Horse rescuers do amazing work. They do moral work. They cannot do their work alone. For a horse rescue ranch to survive, the community needs to donate, volunteer, and step-up. Most importantly, folks need to report any neglect or abuse.